Flooring 101: How to Install Laminate Flooring

Many of the customers of Lumber Liquidators are the do it yourself type. Hopefully this guide will help you with installing your new Dream Home Laminate flooring. This can also be found in the Flooring 101 section at Lumber Liquidators for an easy-to-print document.

Before you get started, make sure you have carefully prepared your floor (concrete, wood, sheet & tile flooring, carpeting, or radiant heat) properly for smooth installation and that the subfloor requirements have been met.

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The Main Advantages of Installing Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring installationLaminate flooring is a great option for any person who is planning to update the flooring of his or her that is a a cost effective and attractive solution. The following points are the main advantages of installing laminate flooring in your house:

  1. As a matter of fact, laminate flooring is relatively cheaper than any other options for house flooring. The other options you can use for flooring are genuine wood flooring, vinyl, ceramic tiles and carpet. You may think that the vinyl option is cheaper. However, with the technological advancement, the mid to high end vinyl flooring cosst more than the laminate flooring. The other flooring options such as ceramic tiles and genuine wood generally cost more than the laminate floors unless they are of inferior quality. Laminate floors can be cheaper but still appear genuine.
  2. Since laminate flooring use simulated look of hardwood, your flooring can seem to be any kind of wood. This consists of pine, cork, bamboo, mahogany, oak flooring or any other kind of flooring or wood you may imagine.
  3. You can  install laminate flooring on your own without much problem. In a standardized room, it normally takes one day to set up a laminate floor. You only need to follow the instruction on the installation manual. Additionally, being that you can install laminate floors yourself, it removes the need to hire an installation expert hence saving you extra cash.
  4. Laminate flooring is manufactured from numerous layers that include plywood or MDF. These layers have been bonded and pressed together hence increasing the general strength of the laminate flooring. As a result, it resists marking, scuffing as well as general damage.
  5. Cleaning of laminate flooring is very easy. You only need to do a quick run over using a vacuum cleaner and the cleaning will be completed. It is better to mop the laminate floors using a gentle floor cleaner and water on rare occasions. In addition, if you have kids, it is much better than carpets since wiping a solid laminate floor is much easier than a carpet which may need a steam cleaner to remove any stains.

If you are looking forward to installing a laminate floor, then the above 5 main advantages of installing laminate flooring are essential and can help you. If installing a laminate floor seems to be too difficult, you can always hire a  flooring expert like Above and Beyond Flooring.